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Women 40 Men 20
Debutantes ladies 11-15 25 Kids 10 & under 15

Color Enhancements

1-process/1-color 40 Toner 20
Partial foil/1-color 115 Partial foil/2 -color 125
Full foil/1-color 145 Foil each 5

Texture Services

Perms 65+ Spiral by consult only
Keratin Smoothing 300+ Brazilian Blowout 45


Deep Conditioner 20 Shampoo & Blow Dry 30
Braids 10 Roller Sets 30

Hair Extensions by consult only.

Bridal Services

Pre-run 45 Big Day 85+
Make-up 45 Up-do 65+
Lashes 20
Ask us about our on location prices.

Waxing Services

Brows 10 Cheeks 10
Lip 10 Chin 10
Chest 55 Arm each 45
Back 55 Bikini 65


The Spa Facial 65
This cleansing facial removes impurities that softens and smoothes your complexion. This treatment will leave you with glowing vibrant skin.
Anti-Aging Facial 75
Awaken your youthful complexion with a facial that increases the collagen and elastin in your skin. This treatment will leave your complexion firm, lifted and absolutely revitalized.
The Teen Facial 55
A great facial for first timers. This relaxing treatment includes skin analysis, warm steam cleanse, exfoliation and a masque followed by an application of moisturizers.
Chocolate Facial 65
High antioxidant facial, minimizes lines, moisturizes, helps repair sun damage.
Many more facials to choose from! Just ask your skincare specialist.

Click Here for a downloadable version of this table

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